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Tell Admin You Don't Consent To TA Wage Claw Backs

CUPE 4600 encourages all TAs affected to refuse their consent to having their wages reduced by the Carleton Administration. 

Petition: Say No To Illegal Carleton TA Paycheck Reductions!

Signatures welcome from all Teaching Assistants, students, and allies both on campus and off.


On Friday, February 3rd, CUPE 4600 was contacted by Carleton University's Human Resources Department and informed they plan to begin reducing TA paychecks starting this month. This is due to  the Employer, Carleton University, making a significant error for the last two years in the calculation of the tuition increase rebate established under Article 23.04 of the Collective Agreement.

Contract Instructor Hiring Process Examples

Are you a Contract Instructor with questions about how hiring works on campus? Are you a Departmental Administrator wondering how to apply the Collective Agreement during the hiring process? Take a look at this guide to common Contract Instructor scenarios at Carleton University.

TA Work Log

Download this handy document for tracking your hours!

Join One Of CUPE 4600's Committees or Caucuses

A great way to get invoved in your union is to become a member of one of the many committees or caucuses, which are active on a range of topics including Political Action, Health & Safety, Womyn's issues, and more.

Teaching Assistant Benefits

All Teaching Assistants at Carleton University can access several funds and benefits as members of CUPE 4600.

Contract Instructor Benefits

Contract Instructors can access several benefits and funds as members of CUPE 4600.

Copyright Rule Changes at Carleton University

There have recently been changes to copyright regulations at Carleton University. In response, the Graduate Students Association has developed a document that explains the background on Access Copyright, what has occurred recently at Carleton, and proposes some options the University should consider moving forward. 

THE CAMPUS INCITER - The newsletter of CUPE 4600

THE CAMPUS INCITER The newsletter of CUPE 4600 - Please see in the attachment the Vol. 1, Issue 1, September 2010 newsletter.

Sexual Assault Support Line 613-620-1030

The Coalition for a Carleton Sexual Assault Centre is an independent student-run collective established in 2007. Their goal is a student-run, university-funded sexual assault centre. They are NOT affiliated with Carleton University administration. They are trained support workers who believe in survivor directed, peer support. They support all Carleton student, staff and faculty regardless of gender, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, citizenship, ability, age, Mother Tongue, or student status. Grad Bulletin

Our Times article on CUPE 4600 Philippines Solidarity Project

A leading National magazine on the labour movement Our Times has published an article on our solidarity project with ACT and COURAGE, two public sector unions in the Philippines. CUPE 4600 members will be touring the Philippines on an exposure tour in January 2010 as guests of ACT and COURAGE

Hassan Diab dismissal: CUPE 4600 asks President Runte to justify University's actions

Dear President Runte; The executive of CUPE 4600 is extremely concerned upon learning of the sudden dismissal of one of our members, Hassan Diab. We are alarmed that he was fired after he had already commenced his contract...

Human Rights in the Philippines: A Worker-to-Worker Solidiarity Exchange

CUPE Local 4600, in partnership with the Ontario Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (OCHRP), has received funding from the CUPE National Global Justice Fund for a project entitled, “Defend Human Rights in the Philippines: A Worker-to-Worker Solidarity Exchange”. Learn more...